8 WEEKS Astrological Group Counseling 

Esoteric Adventures'
1-1 Mentorship

Learn about astrology, yourself and how to make the most out of the astrological cycles you're moving through right now.

975 €

(paid in full or through split payments)

Esoteric Adventures' Astrology 1-1 Mentorship consists of digital counselling sessions with me during 8 weeks. The idea behind the 1-1 Mentorship is is to guide my client through the current astrological cycles (transits, solar return chart, progressions etc.) and support my client to embody the current astrological energies according to their desired path in accordance with their identified values. 

How does it work?

  • Fist of all,  you begin by scheduling a free 20 minutes call where we discuss where you are in terms of your current life situation and astrological learning. 

  • During the course of the 8 weeks, we will work with modern astrology in combination with modern, evidence-based psychological techniques.

  • We will go through themes such as Acceptance, Contact with the present moment, Values, Committed action, Defusion and Self as context in order to increase psychological flexibility and align you with your desired path. 

What's included?

  • One 60 minutes 1-1 consultation where we through your natal chart and identify current themes by your solar return chart and astrological transits and secondary progressions. After this initial 1-1 session, you will receive a brief written summary of what we identified as your potential areas of growth. 

  • 8 digital meetings over 8 weeks (60 minute sessions) where we work together according to the identified themes.

  • A private chat where you can ask questions and communicate with m over the course of the eight weeks. 

  • At the end, you will recieve a brief written summary of the themes we have worked with during the eight weeks. 

What can you expect?

  • Increased knowledge about modern astrology, your individual horoscope, as well as the current astrological cycles impacting you right now.

  • A setup that matches your astrological knowledge, but still allows you to expand.

  • Identification of your personal value-based direction and the guidance and support to initiate a committed action according to your identified values derived from your chart. 

  • Intimate support, guidance  and connection from me. 

What is expected from you?

  • An open mind and the awareness that you are your own healer and master.

  • Acceptance for the fact that I will never tell you what to do, but rather guide you towards birthing your own answers and set of directions.

If you are interested, schedule a free 20 minutes call to find out if this is right for you