Hi! I'm Frida and I'm a modern astrologer and holistic psychologist. 

I offer my guidance to individuals seeking to explore life from a holistic point of view by integrating the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

I don't work with traditional psychological services such as to diagnose or treat psychopathology.

My practice centers around creating a safe space where we can explore who you are beyond societal expectations and norms. I meet you where you are, and provide you with my guidance based on alternative methods - such as your unique horoscope.

This doesn't make me a fortune teller, nor will I ever tell you exactly what to do. 

In my sessions, I often combine modern astrology with positive psychology and work with the horoscope as a life-compass. This way, the horoscope becomes a guiding tool that extends far beyond "personality traits" or "identifying personal strengths and weaknesses". 

I meet you where you are. My guidance is gentle, emphatic and ethical, and suitable for anyone wanting to come in contact with their authentic values, and explore life from another, complementary angle.



Please note that appointment times are limited. Cancellations within less than 24 hours or "no-shows" (ie. when a client misses an appointment without cancelling) will be charged in full. Cancellations and rescheduling can be done via email or via the link in the booking confirmation 24h prior to the existing appointment.



"I have been feeling so much resistance to getting a new astrology reading since I had such a bad experience with with another astrologer - but Frida left me feeling so energized and excited about life! Thanks magical Frida!"
"Halleluja! I just had the best astrology reading with Frida! If you're looking for an amazing astrologer, then you should go to Frida!"
"Frida is a lovely and extremly talanted individual. I now have a very in-depth knowledge of my astrology chart and I'm completly blown away by her natural gifts and the time and energy put into her deliverance of discovery!"

I practice ethical astrology

Since ethics is a huge part of my practice, I have chosen to base my work on the following ethical guidelines from www.ethicalastrologers.org

1. I strive to be of benefit and to do no harm to all with whom I interact.

5. I respect the agency and autonomy of all people who seek astrological counsel.

6. I maintain professional confidentiality and anonymity when working with others, except in situations where my silence could result in grievous harm to another.

7. I refrain from using other people’s birth data without expressed permission unless this data already exists in the public sphere.

8. I use language that neither creates false hopes nor speaks in absolutes, and I affirm that every astrological configuration can manifest in a variety of ways.

9. I am aware of my astrological expertise and limits, and actively refer people elsewhere when their needs are beyond the scope of my proficiency.

Welcome to join me on my esoteric adventure, whether you are seeking astrological guidance, wish to learn or are just curious about this ancient art. 

With Love, Frida

My Latest Collaboration

Interview with Kepler College

On May 4th, I was invited to speak on Kepler College's YouTube channel!


Here you'll find answers to some of my most frequently asked questions.

What can I expect from a 60 minutes consultation?

If you come for my guidance, I will meet you wholeheartedly where you're at. Together, we will reflect upon your horoscope and the current influencing energies. Please be reminded that all my sessions require the client to take part in making sense of what I identify. You own your truth and I am here to help you see other perspectives of that - not tell you "how things are".

Do you diagnose or treat psychological disorders?

No. I do not diagnose or treat any mental health issues. My job is to share insights and provide guidance to individuals seeking to enrich their lives by exploring life from another, holistic and complementary angle. If you suffer from mental health issues, please seek advice elsewhere (i.e. psychiatrist or traditional psychologist specialised in diagnosing or treating psychopathology). 

What do you need to read my horoscope?

I need your birth date (including year), location and the exact time of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, please wait with booking until you do. You can also consult an astrologer specialised in finding out your birth time. This is called rectification and is often intriguingly accurate.

Can I study astrology with you?

Not right now, but I will soon offer astrology groups where we work in small intimate groups and learn how to apply astrology to our lives to create a more holistic (flexible) experience. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Please note that appointment times are limited. Cancellations within less than 24 hours, or "no-shows" will be charged in full. Cancellations and rescheduling can be done via email or via the link in the booking confirmation 24h prior to the existing appointment.

Will you tell me what to do?

No, I won't. As an ethical astrologer, I am very careful with telling clients what to do. Instead, I will guide you towards finding more of your own voice so that you can increase your agency and make healthy decisions for yourself.